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Large project consistently fails to complete processing

I am trying to process 7600 x 42MP PPK corrected images from UAV mapping. I have a brand new i9-10850 CPU, 32GB of 3200MHz DDR4 RAM, MSI RTX 2080i GPU, 500GB SSD boot disk and 1TB SSB processing disk. I thought it should be enough to do this.

I can get through Step 1 fully, although it takes a long time. Step 2 will only complete if I don’t save any outputs. Step 3 fails unless all I save is the orthomosaic. It seems to be failing around the steps needed to densify and classify the point cloud and generate the DTM.

I have also tried processing just a 4500 image section of the project, but had the same issues. I can process single flight packages of around 1500 images through to DTM but the packages don’t align well when combined.

I should note that even at Step 1 it often does not produce the quality report, although the XML component is generated. I am attaching the quality report XML and the log for analysis.

report.xml (79.3 KB) Old from (3.4 MB)

32gb of memory is not nearly enough. For 7,600 42MP images, you need at least 128gb. That processor only has 10 cores, so it will be much slower compared to the 32-core Threadripper, but should work.

Also, for large projects you should turn off generate ortho in the quality report. Also I usually disable merge of las, ortho, and dsm tiles. I then take the ortho and dsm tiles and create mosaic datasets using ArcGIS.

Or you can try Pix4Dmatic, which is designed specifically for large projects. It’s much faster also.

But you still need a lot more memory.