GCP layout/placement - larger job

Hello all,


I am planning to fly my largest mission to date. I plan on breaking it out into 2 flights. The larger flight is around 55 ac. The second is around 11ac. The plan is to fly around 200’ AGL for a GSD of around .6 in/pixel.

After the flights are complete, I plan to process ALL the images in one batch. 

I am attaching an image showing my site and planned GCP placement. Would anyone care to give me feedback (negative or positive) on the layout and flight plans.  I plan to have several MTP’s around the site using photo ID points. I also will have many check shots.

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Ronald, I would be bringing the GCPs in from the edge of the site a bit. Also, I would add an additional GCP in the overlap between the flights even though it will be processed as one job. I have read somewhere else that not having more than 300m between GCPs can also be good where appropriate, but not really practical on a large site.

If the check points can be changed to GCPs if needed in the office then that could be worthwhile. That way you can add additional GCPs if you need too, or turn different ones on or off. 

I agree with everything that SurveyTeam proposed to you. It is a good idea to bring the GCPs in from the edge of the site and add additional GCPs in the flight overlap area. GCPs at the edges of the covered area usually have a higher error, and it will increase your accuracy placing them a little bit more to the centre. Also the area you are going to map it is an industrial area so it is not that problematic to find a nice object which you could use as GCP. At the same time if the dataset will be too big for your hardware to process, having the GCPs in the in the overlap between the flights will give you an ability to split the projects into subprojects.