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Optimal gcp position

I need to survey a 50Ha parcel, there is a delta of 30m between the point and the low point.
What do you think of the positioning of GCPs (see image)? The units are in meters.

The flight is planned at 100m (GSD 2.73) in DJI Phantom 4PRO with an overlap of 75% and 65%.

I planned 16 gcp, one part to use for the setting and the other for the controls.

POSITION GCP.pdf (225.9 KB)

Waiting to read you


The position of the GCPs in the attached document looks good. You covered the recommendations by distributing GCPs evenly throughout the area and putting them on different elevations.

The number of GCPs should be sufficient. In case that you will perform multiple flights, we recommend putting some additional GCPs in the overlap area between flights. It is also recommended that you have at least 5 GCPs in every subflight.

More in this article.

Let us know how the flights go, we would be interested in seeing the results.

Thanks for sharing the results!

The errors look good, we typically say that the expected accuracy for the Z coordinate is 1-3 x GSD.

As you mentioned, a few check-points have a bit larger error in the Z-axis. This could be due to the fact that they are located close to dense vegetation or in the middle of the field.