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Largest Number of Images

Just for fun, what is the largest number of images that you have ever processed in a single project?

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Hey Andrew,

I had 18000 images for a single Thermal project. 

6,000 as a single project.  Not efficient on my setup, but also not a normal project size.  

Hey Selim and Derrick, thanks for sharing.

I won’t comment further to avoid cluttering the thread but don’t hesitate to jump back in if you’d like to share an update.

Well raw picture count isn’t the best method to determine “largest sum of images”.  I ran a project with just over 5,000 RGB images but that might not sound like much until you consider they are 42 MP.  The gigapixel count of the project is true size and that one was around 210 gigapixel that took over 13 days to do Step 1 and the point cloud.  If I was using my P3A at 12 MP then it would be like processing around 17,000 pictures.

21238 images @ 21 MP


Wow, 445 gigapixels in one project is amazing. What camera is 21MP and what hardware ran a project of that size with what result?

Hi Adam,

This is from the New Delair UX11, I have it running on our Ryzen thread ripper build. 128gb, 1tb ssd. 2 p5000 non bridged

have not finished just started last night. #UX11

That’s a lot of ground.  

Just a heads up - Placing some GCPs in the overlap zones between flight areas could potentially save you some headaches in the future.  Not an issue if you always process as a single project, but a pain to split up otherwise. 

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10-4 thank you for the info!!!

we are hoping that the PPK takes care of a lot of the gcp errors that you would normally see from a standard uav

What is the actual limiting factor on the total photos / total giga pixels that can be processed in a single project?  Is it RAM, processor cores, or something else?

Hi Andrew,

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