Maximum number of images in a single project

What are the maximum number of images that can be processed as a single project in pix4d mapper. I have multi spectral data( 5 band data)(micasense red edge).
The total number of images including all 5 bands is approximately 50,000. Each band is of size 2 MB.
Is it possible to create single project for processing in pix4d mapper?
Kindly clarify

I’ve been able to process ~12,000 42mp images but could not process 22,000. I’m not sure if the limitation is number of photos or total gigapixels. 50,000 rededge images are probably smaller than 12,000 42mp images. So it may work.

Thank you

Hi Narender,

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In general, the number of images that can be processed with Pix4Dmapper depends on the dataset:
Maximum number of images per project and processing time

  • Pixel resolution, image size.
  • Level of details, spatial resolution, also called ground sampling distance (GSD): Ground sampling distance (GSD).
  • Image content, number, and complexity of features.
  • Selected processing options and outputs.
  • Capabilities of the available processing resources (hardware specifications).

From what I’ve seen after giving it a dive in the community, there was a user that was able to process thermal images of up to 18,000 (without disclosing how many bands and the size of each band.) Feel free to take a look. Largest Number of Images

Is it possible to create single project for processing in pix4d mapper?
It is possible to create a single project for processing in PIX4Dmapper. I recommand to give it a read on this article that deatiled and answered common questions on processing thermal images. Processing thermal images

I hope this is helpful. Have a good day!