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Pix4D only processes 999 thermal images at a time.

Why does Pix4d only process 999 thermal JPG-R images for one project? I have a 1500 image data set and cannot process the images as one project. I was not even able to merge the two projects into one in order to create a seamless index mosaic.

Hi, Jamie, There is no such restrictions. Can you send us the quality report, logfile and p4d file?

As you can see in the screen capture. The number of photos is being reduced to 999 from the beginning.

Jamie, can you send us the logfile? This might happen if there are duplicate images. Also, from the screenshot I see the rjpeg image were numbered odd, and the converted tif images are named with even numbers.

The issue was photos with the same name. I renamed the photos and it is seeing all of them now. I believe in the past for RGB photos, I would get a popup asking to treat files with the same name as separate or identical. Thanks for the help.

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