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Group MTP's in folders - Pix4D Desktop


In a future release would it be possible to allow grouping of MTP’s created during poly-line drawing in one folder for that poly-line. Another poly-line would then have another folder and so on.

Drawing a very long or complicated poly-line for future export as a DXF results in a lot of MTP’s which then get lumped in with all the other MTP’s.

If I turn off the polyline,  MTPs for that line remain. To turn off the MTPs, my GCPs are also gone. See screen shots for an example. The MTP count goes to over 150.




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Hi Bernard,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. Indeed, what you say makes a lot of sense to me, thanks to your example. I will pass it  on to our product development team for review for future releases.

Best regards

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I have exactly the same requirement.

It would be nice if a polyline (same applies to areas too, of course), once drawn, remains connected to its MTPs. Like that one could not only remove/delete everything in a clean way, but also enable/disable the corresponding MTPs. I like the way polylines are displayed much more, if the respective MTPs are shown as well.

So, a big vote for this enhancement request.

Duly noted @Reto. I have passed on your vote for this feature request to our product development team.

Have a nice day!

What would help me most is to add a field to the mtp created by the polyline creation command, that adds the name of the polyline to the mtp. The make it so when I export the polylines (which automatically also exports the associated mtp’s) to a dxf file, the created vertices file will have a descriptor associated with each numbered mtp.

So for instance, when I create an edge of pavement, or EP, polyline with 10 vertices, the mtp’s would be mtp01,EP; mtp2,EP…mtp10,EP, or something like this. 

That way when I import the vertices exported with the polyline command to a dxf, I can have them come into CAD in an EP layer based on an descriptor after exploding the block. Otherwise, as it is now, all of the mtp’s end up with their own layer, so if I have 500 vertices, I end up with 500 individual layers named mtp012, mtp012…mtp500. Or I can have 1 layer with 500 vertices in it, which is troublesome for drafting.

Another solution, and perhaps easier,  would be to have the vertices stay with the associated polyline in the dxf when exported (maybe have a choice to have them together or separate?) since the renamed EP polyline goes into an EP layer automatically  when the dxf is imported into cad and exploded.

Hi Austen,

Thank you for providing a detail description of the functionality you would like to have in our future products!

I share the idea with our teams and Product Owners.

If you have any other concepts/suggestions don’t hesitate to share them with us!