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Import polylines in raycloud window

Hi communiy,

is there any way to import 3D polylines in raycloud window in pix4d desktop.

I have a 2 projects form two surveys of the same site and i want to display in recent project polylines from the old one.

Any idea ?


Hi Moustapha,

It is not possible to import polylines or surfaces into Pix4Dmapper.

However, there is the following workaround to export/import polylines vertices (MTPs) from one project to another. It requires afterward to draw again the polylines between the imported MTPs:

  1. Draw your polyline: for each vertice, an MTP will be created;
  2. Go to the GCP/MTP Manager;
  3. In the GCP/MTP Table change the Type of your MTPs from Manual Tie Point to 3D GCP;
  4. Click on  Export GCPs  (your polyline vertices coordinates will in this way be saved along with your project’s GCPs coordinates in a .txt or .csv file);
  5. Open your other project and go to the GCP/MTP Manager, click on  Import GCPs  and browse to your file containing the vertices coordinates;
  6. Click  OK  and draw again the polylines fitting the imported vertices from the other project;

I hope this helps,

Hi Margaux,
thanks you for your answer.
It is a suitable solution if i have just some polylines to draw. unfortunately i have a lot of polylines with thousands of mtps in my project, so i can’t do it through this workaround, it will take me too long.
I hope this will be developped in nexts versions.


Hi Moustapha,

Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestion, we appreciate very much users’ inputs on the software since they help us to continuously improve. We have taken note of it and we will pass it to the software development team.