Manual Tie Points

when importing GCPs they should over write the MTP with the same Name.
I do this all the time for setting up an Arbitrary Site.
it works this way in Mapper cant we get this to do the same in Matic.

Hi james,
This is an interesting workflow. Does this allow you to easily mark MTPs with the rayCloud and then turn them into GCPs, without having to use the Basic Editor?

Hi Mike,
Yes, this is my Top Secrete Way to do this, it works perfectly. I would on Pix4d Mapper bring in the Global Coordinates and mark all the points and then bring in the Arbitrary points that have the same name witch would just over write the Lat & Long with the local site Coordinates.
With Matic I have to set at least three manual tie points pick the photos then change it to an arbitrary system then change the Manual tie point to GCP’s and hand enter the points. after this I can drag and drop the rest of the point in and they will fall right into place. It would be nice if they having the same name would just overwrite the points with the new information.
it would also be nice to be able to copy and past the name of a new project verses having to always type it in.

Hi jamesarn,
Thank you for sharing this information. This can be useful for many of our users.