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Good day ,
I am processing data on a big area, would like to know if MTP can be used as MTP and GCP in the same project?

Hi Aly,

Within a Pix4Dmapper project, you can use the points both as GCPs and as MTPs. Here is how to do it:

  • let’s assume you already imported GCPs in your project (my example includes 4 GCPs). First, go to the GCP/MTP Manager and click Export GCPs…
  • in the GCP/MTP Manager, convert your GCPs as MTPs:

  • click Import GCPs…
  • a message will appear: This GCP already exists. Do you want to replace the geolocation information with the geolocation from the file?


  • click No to All
  • the imported GCPs will be automatically renamed by the software and they should look like this (my example has 4 GCPs):

Hopefully this helps.


Thank you Teodora,
much appreciate your help, it help a lot.