Mixed geotagged/non geotagged images

What would be the best way to process a set of images where 85% are geolocated and 15% have no geo-location information? There’s GCP’s, but finding them in the non-tagged images is next to impossible lol. Do the initial processing and mark them after?

Hi Shaun,

How much overlap is there between the geolocated images and the non-geolocated images?

My suggestion would be to create two separate projects and run initial on both, create the same 3 MTPs in both projects in the overlapping areas, name the MTPs the same in both projects, and then merge the projects together. Be sure that the GCP/MTP coordinate systems are the same.

You can either use the GCPs as the MTPs or add the GCPs afterwards, its really up to you when you want to incorporate them. If you are not familiar with the merging process, check out the article “How to merge projects - Pix4Dmapper”.

Hope that helps!

I’ll give that a try. The project was a 1.5 by 1.5 km grid. The flight lines were at 45m. Unfortunately, 1 and 1/4 of those flight lines had no geo information. Turns out the wiring from the camera to the Emlind M2 gnss was faulty and no data for about 100 images.

One more question. I’m going to try merging three sets as the non geolocated strip cuts right through the middle lol. But do I use the same coordinate system for the non geolocated sub project, or make it arbitrary?

The GCP/MTP coordinate system and the output coordinate system should be the same, however, the image coordinate system can be arbitrary and one in another coordinate system.

“A subproject with no georeference (arbitrary system) can be merged with a subproject with georeference.” Cited from How to Merge Projects - Pix4Dmapper

Hey, thank you for the clear and fast response!

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