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Process a project without geolocation/orientation


I have a process that I do (in Mapper currently) that looks like this: process project with geolocated images, add MTPs with specific names, process project with only non-geolocated images, add MTPs with the same names in the same location, create a project by merging the 2. I need this workflow to get geolocation for my non-geolocated sensor.

Would it be possible to do the same in Pix4Dmatic? I understand that until the projects get merged, scale, orientation and location are not set.


Hi Francis,
PIX4Dmatic is not as mature as PIX4Dmapper. At the moment, the merging procedure has been implemented in Matic yet. I do not have a timeframe when we will see this so I recommend you continue using Mapper as it will continue to support your workflow.