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import polylines and export points

I don’t know if I’m going to make me understood, but my suggestion is the follow:

We should be able to import a polyline or surface in to the raycloud and then export the las points only inside or outside that polyline or surface.

That would be great to export points to compare surfaces without having to compare all the points. We can do it in other software with lot of work but we should be going to a direction that PIX4D could do most of the work inside his software package

Hi Jorge,

You can do this by drawing or importing a processing area. When you add a processing area before you ran the step 2 and 3 all the results generated after this steps will be only within the area of interest You can find the step by step instructions in the article below:

Please keep in mind that once you re-run step 2 or 3 the previous results will be overwrite. Therefore if you want to export different areas of your project you will have to move the previous results in another folder before re-running step 2.