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Raycloud - External Point Clouds

I am aware that you can import an external point cloud (whether that is from a laser scan, or a uav point cloud that has come from another source) and then use it to produce a dsm surface, is there anyway this imported point cloud can then be edited/classified within the raycloud?

There are alot of other programs that let you delete/classify points manually within a point cloud but i am yet to find a program that does it in a way that is as easy and user friendly as pix4d for this, if this is not a possibility is there future plans to allow this feature?

Hi Gary!

Pix4D can’t classify point clouds that are externally generated and imported into the software. External point clouds can be used in the generation of your DSM, orthomosaic, and all other outputs that are generated in Step 3. Read more in How to import a Point Cloud delivered by an External Source into Pix4Dmapper.

As for now, this feature is not in our pipeline however I will pass your suggestion on to our team. :slight_smile: