Create polyline groups in raycloud

Hello community,

Is it possible to create groups of polylines in raycloud when drawing polylines ?



Hi Moustapha Cisse, 

I have moved your question from Processing to Product feedback. Currently it is not possible to group polylines in the rayCloud view.

Could you describe the use case in more detail? Maybe show some examples of projects where this would be helpful. This will help me to document this feedback for our product managers. 

Anyone else who is interested in this use case, please vote on Moustapha’s post or add your comment and explanations. Thanks! 

I am using pix4d for topography.

I want to draw and classify polylines into 2 groups (top and bottom of each bank). After i want to export them separatly.

I have thousands of polyline and i can’t export them one by one.


Thanks for the screenshot and additional informations! I understand why you need the classification now. 

You can export all polylines at once by right clicking on Polylines in the Layers side bar. You will still have the classification problem, but it might already help in your workflow: 

Thanks you for your suggestion.

Usually i use that way (export all polylines), but i am looking for better way, to avoid classifying manually polylines in third part software !

Thanks !


Makes sense! Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

If this is a problem to add, another suggestion would be, if I rename the “polyline 1” to let say “road” and every new polyline after is “road” (or “road 2”, “road 3”) until i again change it to something else, and so on…

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Hello Adriano,

Thanks for the input regarding the naming of the polylines. It seems that indeed for some workflows this would save time.

I will add your suggestion to our list of features to be considered for future implementation.


it would be great if you could do this work that the friend performs automatically, as some software already do.

Hello Cleiton,

Thank you for your input!

It has already been registered in order to be taken into account for the future.