CSV polylines

Is there a way to get all the polyline and curve data (the vertices/points) to csv format rather than dxf to make (linework in cad) chains on excel.

Hi @eruav,

Thank you for your request.
No, currently, it is only possible to export markers (points) to CSV format. This is not available for polylines and polygons geometries.

Can you please give me more information about the entire workflow and why you need to have the points (vertices) location in a table?

When we survey, we shoot our roads in 20’ to 30’ intervals if it is a curve, we cut that in half to better define that curve on inroads. So it would be nice to be able to see the data where the assisted road markings vertices are at. Each point/vertex can be used on csv to make a field book which is the collection of points we gathered on the survey. we usually then create the base map and send it off for designing. We call the lines chains and they are numbered so example when we shoot each side of a paved road we call that EPS (edge paved shoulder) one side is EPS1 (let’s say that 10 points are a part of EPS1) other side is EPS2 (points 11-20) then we have striping ELY(edge line yellow) so we have ELY1 (21-30) ELY2 (31-40) then last we have centerline CENTL1 (41-50) so now we have one part of the road surveyed. does that make sense?

Thank you for the valuable information.

I have forwarded everything to the product team.
Other community users can still vote for your request.

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Hope to hear back.

Hi @eruav,

There won’t be any communication regarding acceptance (or not acceptance) from the product team. But we will ask here any additional questions if we might need.

Thank you for understanding.

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Perhaps add a marker to your polyline vertices and export those markers csv and polyline in dxf.
Or if Pix4D can create an option to place markers at the polyline vertices. It’s tedious to zoom in and create a marker in the same exact point as the polyline vertex. Or something like OSNAP on CAD when creating markers.

Hi @xzamora

This is already possible in PIX4Dsurvey. When you want to create a marker, the vertice lights up when you are approaching with the cursor. With a click, the marker will be created precisely on the vertice.