Future workflows for surveyors

When uploading survey field data we create CSV. and TXT files. In your survey program we can’t duplicate a code. Exp. When we locate a power pole out in the field it will be coded as PP. Now, we aren’t just locating one power pole but, multiple so it makes it difficult for surveyors because now we need to go into the csv file and correct all the codes. It would also be very helpful to create marker points with a poly line when dealing with curb and gutter or edge of pavement.

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Can you please provide a concrete example of your request? Feel free to add screenshots. Where do you need to duplicate a code?

Also, can you please elaborate on the second request about creating marker points with a polyline? Here too, screenshots are appreciated :slight_smile: .


Hi @jpristas,

To solve the problem with the codes using the csv file, you can use the field Description in the csv


And use the Column format PNEZD (in this example) in the import point file dialog.

After select the mark, you will see the Description (your code) in the left panel


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is there any way to export the points with its texts or attributes so it appers just like exported dxf file from any usual GNNS System or Totalstaion?

just like u see in attaches Screenshot, where 451= Point Name / Number
RU = Code / Layer Name
H = elevation

Screenshot 2023-11-08 142027

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Hello n.dadoush

At the moment it is not possible to achieve it using a dxf. Maybe exporting as csv and editing the file but you would always will have multiple entities instead of just one with those properties/labels

After import in survey a dxf with the point from your images, you will have 4 marks one for each entity.

It would be interesting if survey could show the marks with name, elevation, code properties, as a single block.


I have a similar request. I posted about it here: Import of DXF shows incorrectly in Pix4dSurvey but correctly in Cloud - PIX4Dsurvey / PIX4Dsurvey Questions/Troubleshooting - Pix4D Community

Perhaps if on import of a DXF it could ask if we wish to import it as an overlay so that it will appears as the DXF as it does in Cloud, or if we want to make the elements editable. Unless I’m missing something, flyover videos can’t be created in Cloud, so if I want to flyover in Survey with the DXF showing, it doesn’t look correct, or I need to turn off a bunch of points so that the flyover isn’t polluted with a ton of marker pins. Alternatively, give us an option to change the pin style or size.

On @jpristas second request… it would be nice to have an option to place a marker and a polyline vertex in the same place. Or perhaps an option that automatically snap polyline vertex to a marker (like OSNAP in autocad) i like to use polylines as breakline and sometimes I mess up and put polyline vertex and marker in different place and TIN looks ugly.