Several improvements in Pix4d Survey

Hi. I’ve been a longtime user of Mapper and about 1 year of Survey.
I think that some improvements would upgrade Survey from great to phenomenal.
Some improvements like:

  • Digitizing curve elements from 3 points (vertices)
  • Exporting files that we could name and not only choose directory
  • Exporting polylines and their points in different files (like in mapper)
  • Using 3dMesh from mapper (sometimes it’s easier to identify objects in the 3dMesh)
  • Copy coordinates of markers to clipboard (for several uses)
  • Offset one polyline (by distance and vertical offset, for terrain modeling as an example)
  • Create templates for layers and line types so you shouldn’t create everything again everytime you start a new project
  • Import DXF files to use as an attachement or base drawing in an specific layer (it could be very usesul if we could import polylines and then automaticly change Z vertex to match de tin of our project)

Those are some of the improvements I would like to see in future versions

Thanks Jorge! Those are great ideas, some we are working on already, and some are new.

For “Exporting polylines and their points in different files” we do already export both catenaries and their points when going to DXF, but doing it all the time is an interesting option.

I like that idea of importing DXF as a starting point, as well as draping the content onto the TIN also!

thanks for the feedback, we’ll keep it all in mind.


Also another improvement.
If we could import 3D dxf and then integrat it in the TIN process. So if we had an area with no data or not good enought data we could upgrade the base map with some data from the field as dxf imput and as an new layer. Sometimes I use my GPS for extra data and I have to imput it in my data after export from Pix4d Survey. It would be nice to import that data as 3D DXF, upgrade TIN process and Contour lines and than export everything in one go.
The import could be as an new layer or import the layers from the dxf file.
Also we could import the polylines and the points that we made in Mapper as an new layer in Survey

Another improvement… Grid points (regular) we should also assign a angle for the grid