Feature Attributes support?

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First off, I’ve played with Pix4d Survey a few times over the last few years and never saw much to pull me in, but it’s come a long ways since the last time I used it! I’m using it to digitize an industrial mining site from photogrammetry & lidar datasets and it’s been a joy to work in the last couple of days.

I have a script set up in Global Mapper that converts points, lines & areas to coded points (for Carlson Field 2 Finish), for our typical survey workflows. The layer options in Pix4d Survey make it pretty easy to prepare all the digitized features for this process, but we normally have a catch-all point layer for “Misc Map Notes” that include comments/observations from digitizing. I’ve been adding markers to a “NOTES” layer in Pix4d Survey, and adding my comment as the marker name. As far as I can tell though, this feature name isn’t included in the export ( tried geojson, SHP and DXF). Is there any way to transfer comments like this over to the rest of my workflow, other than just making every marker on it’s own layer? Thanks.

Shapefile export in Global Mapper, showing what I have available from the export -

It’d be nice if the marker’s “Unk Utility” was transferred over as the feature’s name at least. Even better if it was stored as a static attribute…or if Pix4d Survey supported feature attributes in general.

Hi @Derrick_Westoby1 ,

Thank you for reaching out to Pix4D technical support and for sharing your detailed feedback.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated; thank you.

I passed it on to our PIX4Dsurvey product team. Even though we cannot guarantee that a solution will be implemented, I can assure you that every piece of feedback is internally evaluated at Pix4D.

I also moved your request to the feature request page of the community, so that other users can “vote” for this request. Don’t forget to vote for your request at the top-left corner of the thread.



You can export that information with the csv export for the moment

Hi @vprelat

Yes, it is possible to export vectors as CSV, but this works only for markings.


I just ran this and I believe that I found a solution. Export the notes layer as a .csv as shown below:

Be sure to select the “Include Column Headers” option. Also, make sure that you choose PENZD or PXYZD option for your column format.

Drop the file into Global Mapper. Use the following options:

Make sure that you check the “Column headers in the first row of the file (points/WKT only)” option on the right. That’s what will bring up the description column header that you see in the file preview window.

Choose your coordinate system, then right click on the layer in your control center and select options:

This will bring up the “Vector Options” pop-up menu. Select the “Labels” tab and then the following:

Here’s what mine looked like once I selected the point-style that I wanted:

Does that help?

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Thank you for the detailed explanation :pray:

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Ah Ha! Thanks Chris! I tried a CSV export before, but I completely missed that Column format options drop-down before. That did the trick, thanks!

Having this column available in a geojson export would still be greatly appreciated so that I can incorporate this into scripts easier (without dealing with defining the projection), but this helps a lot right now. Thanks again.


Glad I could help. :slight_smile: