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New to Pix4Dsurvey and trying to utilize a new drone into our work flow. We utilize Carlson survey for our other surveying needs and can’t seem to find a good method for points in pix4d. I have found marker and see how I can adjust the description after placing. But wanted to confirm I wasn’t missing something prior to suggesting a simple upgrade to marker. This goes down the lines of how are people marking light poles, signs, mailboxes, water meter, water valves, and any other hard feature that drawing a polyline doesn’t solve?


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Yes, you can use markers to vectorize point features.
You can assign markers to different vector layers and assign a different color for every layer (for example with drains and manholes as shown below).


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HI Daniele, thanks for the answer. I guess my question then becomes how are people turning that into a deliverable for a client? A bunch of markers all over don’t indicate different items, besides them just being different colors. When we take this file into autocad we would then have to manhole place all of the different symbols for light poles, signs, clean outs, water meters, water valves…the list goes on. From messing with it, it would be great if when you clicked for a marker to be made you could assign a point number, and description. Then that information could be exported into autocad and processed.

Hi @chase.grogg you can click on the marker name in the lower left after creating it or after selecting an existing marker to rename it. These can be exported in a .csv using PENZD format.
Screenshot 2023-01-06 073933


Are there plans to implement the ability to select your export preferences from PENZD to PNEZD?

@Gerry for what it is worth you can always through it into excel and rework the order pretty quickly. Though yes a simple button would be nice.

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