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MTP Export with Polyline

A future product enhancement…

What would help is to add a field to the mtp created by the polyline creation command, that adds the name of the polyline to the mtp. The make it so when I export the polylines (which automatically also exports the associated mtp’s) to a dxf file, the created vertices file will have a descriptor associated with each numbered mtp.

So for instance, when I create an edge of pavement, or EP, polyline with 10 vertices, the mtp’s would be mtp01,EP; mtp2,EP…mtp10,EP, or something like this. 

That way when I import the vertices exported with the polyline command to a dxf, I can have them come into CAD in an EP layer based on an descriptor after exploding the block. Otherwise, as it is now, all of the mtp’s end up with their own layer, so if I have 500 vertices, I end up with 500 individual layers named mtp012, mtp012…mtp500. Or I can have 1 layer with 500 vertices in it, which is troublesome for drafting.

Another solution, and perhaps easier,  would be to have the vertices stay with the associated polyline in the dxf when exported (maybe have a choice to have them together or separate?) since the renamed EP polyline goes into an EP layer automatically  when the dxf is imported into cad and exploded.

Hi Austen,

I replied to you here: Group MTP’s in folders - Pix4D Desktop


I am stronlgy recommend to improve EXPORT function in GCP/MTP editor of Pix4DMapper to allow to export in some text file format the MTP also, not only GCP!!! It is unexpected behaviour to see a table with GCP/MTP, but not possible to export selected or whole list ot the points from this table!

Hi Ivan,

thanks for pointing that out. Pix4D is indeed aware of the importance of this functionality and is constantly working on adding new tools that will improve the processing and analysis of 3D data. As a workaround, converting your MTPs to GCPs helps. Once you export them as GCPs and bring them back into Pix4Dmapper, they can be converted back to MTPs.