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ESRI SLPK 'web scene' layers are not supported in the current ArcGIS Online (10.5.1?)


For 3D mesh models created by Pix4D,  it looks not supported anymore in ArcGIS Online (current version from Dec 2017).

The error message shows: ‘the format in the web scene is not supported’.

Any advice to solve this issue as sooner as possible?


The models are still supported in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Earth.

I test those in the Portal for ArcGIS Enterprise (10.5.1) with the same error. Is it possible to solve with the upgrade to 10.6?

Hi Larry,

Are you using the latest version of the software? 




Yes, Ina, 

It is the latest trial version (4.1.24). Can you export your own mesh as LOD (SLPK) and tested in ArcGIS Earth? Thx a lot.

Do you know how we can communicate with Pix4D developers?

ArcGIS Platform (ArcGIS Online / Portal for ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Earth) is a major one for most enterprises. It is very important for Pix4D to smoothly support ESRI i3s standard (SLPK) …


Hi Larry,

I have just tested the lod mesh (slpk) and it loaded perfectly fine in ArcGIS Earth. Could you share the quality report, .p4d file and log file with me so I could take a look? Additionally could you please post a screenshot of the error that you receive when you import the file from your side?




It looks that the incorrect display of the mesh models from Pix4D in ArcGIS Online (and Portal for ArcGIS Enterprise) have nothing to do with Pix4D.

In fact, the mesh models by Bentley ContextCapture also do not display properly in ArcGIS Online. We have reported to ESRI for the investigation (As a part of communications, please refer to the comments at the blogs)

Hi Larry,


Thank you for letting us know.


Have a good week,


Has this been resolved? Having the same issue here.

Export mesh as SLPK from Pix4D and the SLPK will not load in ArcGIS Online (Due to a Vertical error that does not really exist). It works fine in ArcGIS Pro, although I did noticed the mesh is darker than what is displayed in Pix4D which is kind of odd.



Have you tried using  ArcGIS Earth? 

Could you check the blog comments that Larry posted? From my understanding, this is related ESRI compatibility rather than the output itself.





We are also having issues when uploading the SLPK files to ArcGIS Online. We are able to load them into ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Earth but appears to have a compatibility issue with ArcGIS Onlne. When creating SLPK files, I noticed the output coordinate system is GCS WGS 1984. When loading the SLPK files to ArcGIS Online, I believe the projection needs to be a Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere (WKID-102100). When creating the SLPK files in Pix4D, is there a way to choose this projection for the output? Thanks !

Hi @Jeffery,

I replied to you personally, but I think it worth to share the workaround I proposed to you.

Normally, the outputs should have the reference system set in the “Select Output Coordinate System” window from the Project tab in Pix4Dmapper.

You can add a *.prj file with the desired coordinate system (here WKID-102100)

You can download such file here:

**PROJCS** ["WGS\_1984\_Web\_Mercator\_Auxiliary\_Sphere", **GEOGCS** ["GCS\_WGS\_1984", **DATUM** ["D\_WGS\_1984", **SPHEROID** ["WGS\_1984",6378137.0,298.257223563]], **PRIMEM** ["Greenwich",0.0], **UNIT** ["Degree",0.0174532925199433]], **PROJECTION** ["Mercator\_Auxiliary\_Sphere"], **PARAMETER** ["False\_Easting",0.0], **PARAMETER** ["False\_Northing",0.0], **PARAMETER** ["Central\_Meridian",0.0], **PARAMETER** ["Standard\_Parallel\_1",0.0], **PARAMETER** ["Auxiliary\_Sphere\_Type",0.0], **UNIT** ["Meter",1.0], AUTHORITY["ESRI","102100"]]

Then when you export your SLPK file it should have this coordinate system.
Additionally, I would like to add that the SLPK will only be georeferenced if the project is.

Hope this will help,

Hi all,


A quick note on the .slpk format in addition to Marco’s reply. From my tests, I understand the ESRI software that handles this format will not display the file if it is not georeferenced. Meaning that if your project is not georeferenced the lod .slpk will not be as well which will prevent its visualization into further 3d party solution.




Correct, and it also needs to be in WGS84 for ArcGISOnline. It can be in anything you want in ArcGISPro as it supports on the fly projections. Good luck.


Sorry for the delayed response on this. The SLPK file does NOT hold the coordinate system of the project. The SLPK file gets a GCS WGS84 coordinate system no matter what. Can you please try to export a SLPK file from a project and let me know your results?

+1 from me on this issue, and I’d like to figure out a resolution as well.  


We normally process in NAD83 state plane / NAVD88.  SLPK exports from Pix4d work in ArcGIS Pro, but give a vertical coordinate system error when adding through the ArcGIS Online menu.  


I can get a slpk into AGOL by converting the project to a different coordinate system (like 3857), but it’s not realistic to process every job twice when we want a model in AGOL, but all of our local GIS/CAD work is in state plane. 

Just as Jeffrey_Schepers said, in my testing the coordinate system does not hold when exporting slpk. Regardless of coordinate system set in the project, the slpk is exported in 4326.

Is this bug being resolved and is there a work around for this issue?

Hi melo,

This is related to ArcGIS and several users have been encountering the same issues as you. This post might be helpful to find some answers: Change Coordinate Systems slpk


Isn’t the problem the VERTICAL coordinate system typically? I never have a problem viewing my SLPK files in ArcGIS Pro (we work in state plane), but I always get an error when trying to add something to ArcGIS Online because the vertical and horizontal coordinate systems do not match. NAD83/NAVD88 is our norm, but I don’t define NAVD88 in Pix4d, just set vertical to arbitrary.

Edit: I just realized I already replied to this thread last year…