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The size of output textured mesh (SLPK) is much larger than the original inputs


It looks that Pix4D should work with ArcGIS i3s standard.  See the link at 

With the trial version, when the export location changed to the different folder, I can successfully export 3D textured mesh from our own data as LOD, SLPK; but two issues come:

1.  It produces much larger size of the model in SLPK, compared to the original image inputs. For example, inputs are about 15 GB, the mesh models mostly will be 30-40 GB …

  1. This exported SLPK mesh model is also not supported in the latest ArcGIS Earth and ArcGIS Pro (2.0 or later).

Any advice?



On the same purposes, I have tried it with Pix4D demo data (Quarry, Cadastre), which looks normal, including the size, properly working in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Earth.

Of course, both SLPK models of the demos are not working in ArcGIS Online, see the error report that I posted yesterday …

Hi Larry,


The 3d textured mesh is a representation of the surface of the model used for visualisation and presentations. To create the 3D textured mesh one use geometry and texture that; moreover, a slpk format contains more level of details hence more information added to the size. Therefore it is safe to say that the size of the inputs it is not directly correlated with the size of the mesh.

As per the second question please see my answer in the other post you have created :slight_smile: 





Thx, Ina

You’re welcome :slight_smile: