Can we convert Pix4D model output format into LOD0-4 format?

Hi all,
I have built a 3D model of building. Is it possible to convert the output model from Pix4D (such as .fbx, .obj, etc.) into 3D model level of detail (LOD) format? What software should I use?

LOD0 to LOD4


You can generate an LOD Mesh and export it in PIX4Dmapper.
There are two types of exports related to the triangle mesh: the 3D textured mesh for visualization of the textured mesh in third party software and the multi-LOD mesh for visualization on the web.
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Hi Nikoleta,

Thank you for your answer. Do you have any recommendation the third-party software or web 3D viewer to visualize the LOD data exported from pix4D, especially in the format of .SLPK, .OSGB?

I just wondering that how is the result of LOD file from the data I created. Is there any improvement from the shape and form side. As you know, my 3D model result is a bit sparse or noisy, so when it comes to LOD, can it be fixed into plain/flat form for its texture.

Thank you.

Hi jica_3d,
.OSGB is a file format that is native to OpenSceneGraph, which is an open-source 3D graphics API. The .SLPK is an Esri format that can be used in ArcGIS Online or opened in ArcGIS Pro.