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Georeferenced export to Acute3D

The implementation of OSGB is great, but it does not generate a georeferenced model, we need a georeferenced model, as a client uses Acute3D to calculate volumen and distances, and PixCloud is not an alternative (they use local coordinates and have intermitent internet at best), is perhaps a setting i’m missing, or is still not implemented? Thanks!

Hi Eric,

Please have a look at our article how to visualize the 3D textured mesh withgeoreference. As for now the .osgb and .slpk file formats are georeferenced. However, I highly recommend you using the Pix4D functionalities as the mesh is mostly used only for visualisation purposes, not for any computations. Learn more in Pix4D Webinar: 3D Mesh


Hi Eric,

I’m looking at some other CAD formats to support in the future - would anything like .dgn, .dxf or .dwg work for you in Acute3D?