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Georeferencing uploaded 3D-model!


I would really like to process my projects with my own computer and then upload results to the cloud so they could easily be viewed by my customers.

I have managed to upload every product (orto, 3d, pointcloud) succesfully to the cloud but I have one major problem and one smaller.

Major problem:

3D-model is not georeferenced! Earlier that wasn’t a problem but nowadays when user can see coordinates with “Add a marker”-tool this is a huge problem. Also nowadays current view stays when you change between pointcloud and 3D-model. Well if your 3D-model is in the other continent that does not work wery well…

Minor problem:

I often tell customers about Inspection tool which helps users to see little better what they are inspecting. When uploading results from desktop app, photos are not uploaded as well. This would be a great feature addition. At least in half resolution etc…



Hi Revi!

The 3D Textured Mesh is not georeferenced if uploaded as a result on the cloud, on the contrary, the point cloud is. To avoid this discrepancy and in order to make the markers match when switching from one view to the other, the project should be processed on the cloud. I will report your disappointment to our Product Team members. They will take your input into consideration for further development.

For what concerns the Virtual Inspector, it is only available under these conditions:

  • The project has been processed on the cloud.
  • The point cloud or/and the 3D textured mesh must have been generated on the cloud, meaning the Virtual Inspector cannot be used on outputs that were uploaded.
  • Project images were not captured using a fisheye lens camera (e.g. Bebop 2, GoPro).
  • For projects uploaded from Pix4D Desktop, ensure the box Camera Internals and Externals, AAT, BBA is checked (default) in  Process > Processing Options… > 1. Initial Processing > Calibration.

If the processing hasn’t run on the cloud, currently there is no clue for the software to understand from which images the inspected point was extracted from. Anyway, I will share also this with our developers.

Thanks for your precious feedback,



Hello Alice.

Thank you very much for your message. I’ll keep my eyes open for changelogs!