3D Mesh is not geolocated after uploading into the Cloud



I like to upload my files into the cloud after processing on the desktop. But the Mesh ist at a diferent position, even I also upload the .yxz- File.

What is the Problem?


Thank you

Hi Dominique,

We have just released a fix that should help you with this - we were not handling the .xyz correctly before. Can you try re-uploading your mesh files (obj, jpg and mtl) together with the .xyz offset?

If you upload .obj, .jpg, .mtl and .xyz (you can find it in the \1_initial\params folder), the uploaded mesh should be properly georeferenced and aligned with your point cloud.  It is important that all the 4 files are uploaded at the same time, so I suggest you to put them in the same location before drag and drop them in the project’s files section for uploading.

Let us know how it goes!

Hi Mattia

yes, it seems to work now. Thank you.


Best regards


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