3D Mesh is not georeferenced question

So using cloud for about a week. I got my one project to load in doing the steps and was able to 3d fly around but my elevations are off… thats another story… so in order to make my elevations correct I had to do an offset in mapper and then not use my GCP’s. I figured ok… my coordinates are all good now points show what my GCP’s did capture just cant use them since they show 100’ in the air…

but now that I run through all steps 1-2-3 and then push to cloud it gives me that error… is that because I have to use a GCP ? just not sure what I’m missing…

thanks for any info…

Hello @kevin.sauerwald

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The problem you describe does not occur in PIX4Dcloud, but in PIX4Dmapper. For this reason I am migrating this post to PIX4Dmapper section. In any case, we need more information to be able to help you. Please can you send us the quality report of the project and screenshot of the error message?

About the mesh, could you please check the following article? It may help you:

I am looking forward to your answer.

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I guess I just needed cloud to sit longer, when I came back the next day to look at it, that error was gone. So I guess it was still processing. Where can you tell that cloud is processing still ?