Georeference 3D Mesh with vertical CS

If I’m correct, the 3D Mesh in Pix4D Cloud is georeferenced, as opposed to the one in Pix4D Mapper.

It doesn’t seem to be any problem to choose horizontal coordinate system (SWEREF TM) as an output but we can’t seem to add the vertical coordinate system (RH 2000). Is it correct that it is not possible?

Hi martin3,
You are correct however in order to georeference the 3D mesh in Mapper you will need to include the xyz_offset file. The problem is that the file is not included in the 3d_mesh folder. Rather it is located in the params folder under step 1. So if you upload the 3D mesh to cloud separately you will also need to upload the xyz_offset as well.

As for the vertical CS, you cannot select the geoid or vertical coordinate system using PIX4Dcloud. This is the same for PIX4Dmapper with the exception that you have the choice of either EGM 84, EGM 96, or EGM 2008. The workaround is to include GCPs that are acquired in your vertical coordinate system of choice.