Is the 3D Mesh georeferenced in Matic?

Is the 3D Mesh georeferenced in Matic?

Hi @martin3,

The 3D Textured Mesh that Pix4Dmatic generates is not georeferenced. It has coordinates in a local coordinate system centered around the project.

Some external viewers permit you to add the offset of this file and place the 3D Textured Mesh at its correct position.

The offset of the project is generated after step Mesh and the file is stored in the same folder where the Mesh.obj file is stored:

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Ok, thanks for the reply.

Is it considered to add georeferencing to 3D Mesh in Matic or is there a specific reason to why it would not be possible?

Hi martin3,
PIX4Dmatic generates a file that will georeference the 3D mesh. So be sure to export this file when you bring it into a third party software.

Thanks, we will test this.

Does the offset file take into account the horizontal and vertical output coordinate system that is chosen based on the GCP’s?

Hi Martin3,
When you set up your project in Matic you have the choice of setting both your horizontal and vertical coordinate systems. So the vertical will be based on what you specify.