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how can I open offset file with 3d mesh in external software viewer?

The 3D textured mesh product of pix4d is not georeferenced. How can I open the .txt file of these offsets and visualize the 3D textured mesh with the georeferenced coordinate in external software? What software and how is it possible?

Thank you for your time.

Hi Sharareh Akbarian,

This article describes how you can georeference a 3D Textured Mesh:

As for the third party software, it should work in most software that can open meshes such as AutoCAD. 

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Hello Pierangelo Rothenbühler

thank you for the information.I have already read this article. But My issue is that I can not find any third external software to add an offset file and place a 3D Textured Mesh at its correct position. I need an open source software.

You could try MeshLab:

Let us know if that worked. :slight_smile:

Can you please explain why the 3D textured mesh is not georeferenced when it is exported? It seems as though a lot of users are finding this frustrating - can you please request that this is built into future releases? My project does not contain a file - is there any reason for this? 

Hi Nick,

The 3D textured mesh is not georeferenced due to a technical limitation related to the precision of the data that can be exported. More specifically the real world coordinates of 3d points in a project can be very large. Due to the way the value are stored in exported files (single precision 32bit floating point) the precision is a fixed fraction of that number. Using a local coordinate system mitigates that issue (as we are dealing with much smaller numbers) and the accuracy is therefore significantly better. However it means the user needs to add an offset or be otherwise aware of that offset.
I have reported your feature request to our developers. They are thinking about adding an option that add offset automatically and warns the user about decrease of precision for future release.

The file should be stored in the params folder under: project_name\1_initial\params\ This file contains the offset of the 3D Textured Mesh (obj). This is the offset that some external software can import and place the 3D Textured Mesh in its correct position.