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Export DXF files.

Hi. After processing image data and trying to export DXT data and a long time waiting… … The data was generated without georeferencing datas … Please could someone help me ??.

DXF datas…



Are you referring to a 3D textured mesh? If so, note that the 3D textured mesh that Pix4Dmapper generates is not georeferenced. It has coordinates in a local coordinate system centered around the project. Adding real coordinates to this file is something that we want to implement for the future.

Some external viewers permit to add the offset of this file and place the 3D textured mesh at its correct position. If this is used, the 3D Textured Mesh will have the same precision as the mesh in the rayCloud of Pix4Dmapper.
You can find more information about how to visualize the 3D textured mesh with georeference here:

Furthermore the processing time depends on many different factors such as processing options, images, available resources, etc.

For more information about how to use Pix4Dmapper outputs in other software you can watch our webinar here:

Hope it helps,

That is all fine but why is it that i have to find a balance with the settings to get a dxf file that is readable. If i use anything other than the custom settings it produces large triangles going right across the project area over smaller triangles, it makes the file unable not be read by other software such as 12d which our engineering designers use. I find it quite frustrating that it is very difficult to simplify the data after any noise has been taken out so that it can be used by external contractors. Not everyone can deal with very large files of point clouds.

@Matt: Could you tell us more about your workflow? e.g. for what use case do you need the .dxf, what exact format do you need, what is the maximum file size, etc… 

If I better understand your need, I can report a more detailed feature request to our product managers.