Triangle mesh export dxf vs dxf (polylines)

Hi all,

I’m trying to bring a mesh from a drone flight from pix4d into Hexagon Mineplan 3D. I have been able to use the offset generated in the params folder to georeference the mesh when importing (though I wish pix4D would make the mesh georeferenced automatically) but I am having an issue with these two different export formats. If the mesh is exported simply as a DXF I am not able to import it into Mineplan but I can if it is dxf(polylines). Just wondering if anyone can explain the difference in the two formats so I can have a better triangulation in my mining software.

Hi Stuart,
It is true that the 3D Textured Mesh is not georeferenced; it has coordinates in a local coordinate system centered around the project. The file format DXF (polylines) contains all the triangles of the mesh as a list of polygons. We recommended to use the DXF (polylines) format for CAD and GIS software as it is georeferenced.