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Leapfrog users - export with grid


I have been using Pix4D in an underground mine and would like to export the 3D models as obj files which it does no problems, it doesn’t however export with in the grid that the GCP’s are in? I can hover over the model in Pix4D and it looks correct however it won’t import them into other software I use? Any Ideas?

I’m also experiencing a significant lost of image quality as an obj file, it looks all ‘spiky’ in other software.

Let me know if anyone has any ideas and greatly appreciated.



Hello James,
My understanding is that the obj file is not correctly georeferenced. This article may help:

Regarding the “spiky” effect, if the mesh looks good in Pix4Dmapper but gets “spiky” on the 3rd party software, I suggest you check the visualization settings of the 3rd party software.
I hope it helps :slight_smile: