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Disappearing 3d model

So I’ve processed a complete model on the desktop mapper version and want to upload the results to the cloud platform to share with a client. I’ve uploaded the orthomosaic, dsm, 3d textured mesh and point cloud. Point cloud is las and 3d textured mesh is fbx, mtl and obj…all three file types for that. Mosaic and dsm load fine in 2d map view but when i switch over to 3d the model displays for a quick second and then disappears. 

File types all appear to be correct, anyone know why this happens???


Ryan B



Hi Ryan,

Thanks for reporting your issue.

Could you please share your cloud project so we can have a look into it?

This could be due to a bug related to the brand new Cloud viewer that has been updated last week.
Therefore our Cloud developers might be interested into understanding this behavior.


i think it must be something to do with that, seems it just started happening to us. Let me know what you might have for ideas. It’s critical that we get some files uploaded for client review, thank you! 

Hi Ryan,

There is indeed a problem with the new editor/viewer when trying to display non-georeferenced 3D meshes together with point clouds. In the old editor the “Mesh” and “Point Cloud” views were separate and we could use different settings for each but in the new one we are displaying everything together which means everything needs to be properly referenced.

Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t have an interface for georeferencing uploaded 3D models (we need to work on this as soon as possible) which means only those processed on the cloud will display properly together with a point cloud.

We will try to come up with a solution and will keep you posted.





@Ryan at the moment as a temporary solution, we can recommend you to create a separate cloud project with the 3D mesh and no point cloud. So you will be able to at least visualize it.

Ok, that could work as a temporary solution. thank you for the help, and please let me know when there is a fix for this.


Ryan B

Hi, are you guys still working on fixing the bug?

Could it be better going back to the old viewer until the problem is resolved?

Hi all. We are currently testing a workaround that would allow users to upload the file to orient the mesh. Will keep you updated with any developments. 

@asrer, @ryan

would the solution proposed by Holden in the official comment (at the top) work for you? What do you think?

Hey, we also got a problem with the 3d mesh… I found this threat…Now we also upload the xyz

When we open the cloud project and klick on the point cloud 3D it opens the point cloud correct.

When you also klick on the mesh button, it is working, but nothing happens - only a black screen …

To get to the mesh we klick the mesh “on”, the point cloud “off” - go back to the 2D and then back to the mesh - then we see the mesh…But:

The 3D mesh is not on the right spot at all…nearly the same marker at the same spot:

In point cloud:
Coordinates (WGS84)
48.93566° N 8.40160° E
129.58 m

In Mesh:
Coordinates (WGS84)
0.00368° N 20.96297° W
-5.39 m

Can you tell me, where is the problem?



Hi Willy,

I think you uploaded the wrong .xyz file (you uploaded the xyz format of the point cloud). The one which is needed to georeference the 3D Mesh is stored at the path project_name\1_initial\params\ Could you try again uploading the 3 files of the mesh and the file and let me know if this solves the issue?



Hey Alice,


yes, now it is working! Thank you :wink: