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ArcGIS Scene Layer Package

Hey there,

is PIX4D planning / capable on providing a 3D Textured Mesh export option as an ArcGIS scene layer package (.slpk)?



Hi Sarah,

What we can suggest for this is using a third party software, in this case ArcGIS. The Point Cloud can be generated and exported from Pix4D Desktop as a .las file and used as an input for ArcGIS where you can create the scene layer package.

For the moment the option to export .slpk files is not available in our software. However, this idea is interesting and we will pass your query as suggestion to the product management team so they can study it and see for future releases.

Best regards,

Can you please show some steps to Export .slpk files from ArcGIS.

Video will be of great help.

Hello Sanket,

Since version 3.2 it is possible to export a scene layer package in Pix4Dmapper. You can find more information and step by step instructions here.

Best regards,

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