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Pix4D Textured Mesh -> Arcscene or ArcGIS Pro

Has anyone successfully gotten displayed a textured mesh in an esri product? I’ve tried following the workflow from Photoscan, which can export a georeferenced mesh.

However Pix4D loses georeferencing on textured meshes. It is a simple offset found in the parameters folder to correct the location of the mesh, but I cannot get the texture into arcscene for the life of me. I just get an empty multipatch. Has anyone had luck with this?




Hello Scott,

We are not familiar with the process as we have not tested it from our side. Do you have the jpg file with the texture that is exported from Pix4D in the same folder with the mesh file you try to import? 

In case that this does not work you could maybe try to contact the ESRI support for further assistance, as they are probably more familiar with importing various types of files in their software.