Easy circle drawing/cut in the boundry file.


We are working for Swedish farmers to remove the field drainage wells from their field boundry files as per requirement for precision farming requirements they need to have a designated 2 meter distance from the most outer side of the well but for now I need to first draw 2 meter lines in the annotations in cross and diagonal to be able to draw a +/-2 meter circle around the well inside the boundry so the shapefiles that are exported to the machinery remove that part from the field as a no go zone for spraying equipment to test to shut off the sectional part of the sprayboom but we also want to use this later for drone spraying kml/shp files.

Hope this makes sense else feel free to contact me.

as shown in the added picture


The boundary tool has a hole feature allowing you to add holes. Those will trigger the sprayer to turn off the nozzles if it intersects with holes.

Good Morning Julius.

Exactly what I wanted to know but the problem is making a almost perfect 2.5 m circle for the safety distance from the outer edge of the well so just some way to make a circle in the boundary cut that you can make by diameter size would be a great addition. Thanks for your time to reply.

Yes I can see that this is tricky. Maybe a buffer function would be good for auch applications, where in your example you would digitize the well and apply a 2m buffer to it to get the final hole.

Hi again!

Yes that would be so great as for now I just finished almost 100 fields applying first 2m lines in the annotations then draw a semi circle and copy that circle over each drainage well in the annotations then cut out again from the boundary it’s very intense and inefficiënt work but for farmers in Sweden it’s groundbreaking to not drive around wells and this almost makes sure that they keep the buffer distance.

Thanks for replying.