Feature Request: Pivot-specific boundary tools

It would be helpful to have a boundary generation tool that uses the CAD methodology of centerpoint + radius.

This would allow centering on the pivot and entering a radius. An extension on this idea would be to detect the pivot tracks and generate the centerpoint from there prior to entering the radius.

Radius could me entered numerically or click and drag out to the fencepost that provides a circle of best fit.

Challenges I can anticipate is how many points to generate for the circumference as excessive points can cause problems handling the resultant boundary file in terminal displays and drone controllers. A configurable step size / smoothing factor would give the user control over what suits their needs best.


Hi Peter,

could you send an example boundary file, so we can see how many points along the circumfence would roughly be feasible?

Absolutely. Do you have somewhere I can send it?

Pete Armstrong
M: 0414 837 146

AG Technology Services
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