Obstacle marking

I work at a New Holland dealer and we are using your software to map out filed boundaries for customers.
The system works well with a P4 RTK using NTRIP.
A feature that would be most useful would be to mark out boundaries within the field Shape boundaries we then export into New Hollands farming portal.
A choice of circular or square obstacle marking would be excellent. I have a customer that I am currently mapping out boundaries for and they want obstacle’s marked out in the field withing the shape files

If this is something that can be done it would be most useful


Hi Mark,

holes in boundaries will be supported in the next update. Is that what you are looking for ?

Hi Please see the image. If we can mark a circle around a tree or drain for example.
This would enable the tractor to automatically drive around the obstacle while on a guidance line.

So we would draw the boundary as a shape file and within that boundary you would draw the obstacle. We may be talking of the same thing as a ‘hole’ would explain it?


Yes, I think I know what you mean. I assume that obstacles are represented within the shapefile as holes, its more of a file definition question. Could you send us an example boundary with obstacles, so we can check that?


Yes I can copy one from a New Holland screen. Give me couple of days to get one for you


20221208_054705_CN1.zip (51.2 KB)


I have exported a CN1 file from New Holland Farm portal.
It is difficult to tell you the fields with obstacles marked out but there are some in there.
You are welcome to look through them.

Our system and tractors can accept shapefiles but our CN1 file type is how they are exported.

From a tractor screen I can get an ISOXML file if that is better for you?


20221208_055533_ISOXML.zip (39.5 KB)

Mark, we cannot read those files can you get us a shapefile?