PIX4Dfields 2.3 now available! Field boundaries, faster processing & more

The latest update for PIX4Dfields offers multipolygon and hole editing for field boundaries, GPU acceleration for MSP datasets, and more!

New features

  • Add holes to boundaries and annotations.
  • Add sub-polygons to boundaries and annotations (MultiPolygon editing).
  • GPU acceleration for multispectral datasets.
  • Support for Sentera reflectance target batch 2.


  • PDF report: Improved label placement to avoid overlaps.
  • PDF report: Summation of annotation areas now uses rounded values.
  • Annotation names now pre-populate when creating multiple annotations (e.g., “Tree”, “Tree 2”, “Tree 3” or “Plot A”, “Plot B”).
  • Exported zonation & boundary files are now named after the project name.
  • Magic tool: Temporarily hide the grid and selections using the space bar.
  • Magic tool: The cleanup brush can now be swiped by default (hold Ctrl to move the map).
  • Support for XAG M500 - 5472x3648.

Read more at our blog: PIX4Dfields 2.3: edit polygons, holes, and work faster!