PIX4Dfields 1.11 now available - HD Surface Models

Hi all, we are very pleased to announce that PIX4Dfields 1.11 is now available. Here are the release notes:


  • “Accurate processing” mode for high resolution digital surface models (DSM), improved geolocation and datasets with strong elevation changes
  • Support for MicaSense RedEdge-P
  • Support for DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced (RGB only)
  • Support for Sentera 6X Thermal


  • The “accurate processing” option improves band alignment for the DJI Phantom 4 MSP
  • Added “full blending” processing option to improve colour transitions in datasets with thin structures (at the cost of slight unsharpness)
  • Improved usability of processing settings
  • Moved Share to Cloud to the export menu
  • Automatic selection of the best reflectance target image in the dataset


  • Fixed an issue where the processed map looked blue on MacOS for some GPU models
  • Fixed a crash when exporting PDF reports containing line annotations

Go here for download:

Blog article on the features and here:


I bought the perpetual licence in December 2021.

Can I use the new version with the same license?

Thank you

Yes, as long as you paid the Support and Upgrades you will be able to update the software. Go here: https://www.pix4d.com/download/pix4dfields

Thank you Nathan.

But…I thought the Support is for ever

I don´t know how long the upgrade is incluyed in my purchase.

I going to try to see what happens.

Thank you

Hi RGomez,

I see your question, indeed personal support can’t be unlimited for eternity. Pix4D’s Support and Upgrades for Perpetual licenses are 1 year from purchase, if that expires the software will indeed still continue to work and be able to be used. In order to get the newest features/developments then you need to have an active S&U. If you want us to check for you feel free to email our sales team so they can check for you - email: sales@pix4d.com . For now, update I believe you should be just fine!

Hi Nathan

It makes sense.

A lot of thanks…

Ricardo Gomez Beltran