Pix4D Fields Needs More development. Weed ID, Usability, ect.

Can we have a “back” option when using magic tool. For example I just input (selected) 1697 1.5m squares and accidently clicked “clean-up” turns out I can’t get back to the previous page to finish my map. Now I have to restart my map and go through and reselect ALL 1697 squares.

Hi Buster,

thats good feedback and we investigate the “back” option!

Regarding your usecase, can you explain why you need to klick so many cells. As most datasets we saw, have only in the range of ~20 user-marked cells. Does the MagicTool not classify what you are looking for?

If you looking to do manual marking, it’s better to start an Empty Operations Layer and use the painting tools, instead.

We are using the software for weed identification covering 100+ hectares maps at a time, paint option seems slow without the recognition software.

Do you have any other suggestions we could do or use?

Please note we are using the magic improvement program to hopefully build the softwares database to help us in the long run as this will be an ongoing job for us. We will be looking to input over 10,000 ha worth of multi spec maps into Pix4D fields over the next 12 months. With this in mind we will be hoping the magic tool data we input will improve the software.

Some suggestions:

First, it’s great that you share the data with us, that will definitely help us to tune future versions of the tool and I like to thank you for it!

But be aware that the upload only works for datasets with less than 500 labels (500 negative & 500 positive). That’s why I would suggest you, to split your dataset into smaller parts, this will also help the detection performance of the MagicTool:

  • Increase the grid size, to something your machine can really accurately apply (smaller is not better)
  • Label equal amounts of positive and negative cells
  • Trim your layer only to the area you are interested in , with a field boundary before starting the MagicTool
  • Make a smaller subset of your field if they are really big, if possible

Would be great if you could share a screenshot of your dataset with us.

Pix4D fields needs to incorporate the yellow field “not wanted” when we are using “clean-up tool” I just went to clean-up my map after 6 hours of selection to find out I cant see my selected “not wanted” areas. therefore I cant clean-up close to those areas!

The SS attached is what I was left with, this is just for reference. FYI each grid is 2.5m
We wont be breaking these fields down to smaller chunks as it is too time consuming.

In these projects we need to do the following:

Identify & create layers for specific weeds (happy to manually select)

Export reports based on the maps for non Pix4D users

Create multiple weed map layers/overlays for our client

We are at the point of searching for another software as we don’t think Pix4D Fields can supply what we need to do. Happy for someone to tell us otherwise.


We feel you are not using the Magic tool the right way.
Indeed, you can achieve all the steps you mentioned:

Identify & create layers for specific weeds (happy to manually select)
Please watch these videos
1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NQW4YAKRVY&t=1s&ab_channel=Pix4DAgriculture
2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP7pQpORpEc&ab_channel=Pix4DAgriculture
Please use “Wanted” cells to click over weeds, and “not wanted” to click over ground, other plants. The algorithm will help you automatically select only your “wanted” cells, and will disregard the “not wanted” cells in the selection. We are sorry to hear you used the tool the other way around.
In the last step of Magic tool, you can select “area annotation”, this will merge all cells and provide one polygon, so you don’t have a huge multi-polygon.

Export reports based on the maps for non Pix4D users
Create multiple weed map layers/overlays for our client
After creating the Magic tool selection, go to Operations and export to XAG (watch videos above)

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I also recommend to create a field boundary containing only the field area, without the surrounding areas and the non relevant areas inside the field (can use the hole feature for it) . Use that to trim your layer beforehand and than use the MagicTool on the trimmed layer.

This will improve both the performance and detection accuracy.

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Hi guys, I am having trouble uploading my annotations to the cloud. For some reading when I click export-share it doesn’t show any of my annotations in the drop down menu?

Make sure you first select the Orthomosaic in which the annotations are, and afterward, you will find them to select.

I’m only using 1 ortho and still not showing.

I have tried this on 2 seperate projects now with no results. Can you provide a video on how this should be done?

Showing no annotations when I click the drop down menu

Unfortunately, MagicTool annotations cannot be uploaded to the PIX4Dcloud as it does not support holes as of now. That’s the reason we don’t display them here.

There is a workaround though, you might consider.

  1. Create an Operations layer with your MagicTool annotation.
  2. Asign any application rate to it
  3. Export the file as Generic Tractor GeoTiff
  4. Import that file as an Index layer into PIX4Dfields
  5. Upload that to the PIX4Dcloud.

Here is how it would look like:

You’ve lost me as to where in import the Index. I cant seem to find anywhere to import an index, within pix4d cloud

Just following up?

If you want to import via the web interface you need to go to “Files & Export”:

And Uplaod it as NDVI:

Why do we not have a save feature in magic tool?!!

I just lost 30hours of weed ID bot to mention the labour costs $$ all because of a power surge. Not having a save feature is sub standard for a software of this level!

Please don’t tell me we should have broken the fields into smaller chunks because that is just inefficient.

Is there going to be a save feature for Pix4D fields magic tool in the NEAR future??


I can understand your frustration in that case! It would make sense if you reach out to us via https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/requests/new? We think we could help on 1on1 basis with your challenging projects.

In general the idea of the Magic Tool is not to click every single weed. If it does not detect good enough after lets say 50 labels for each class, it will not lead to much more improvements adding more labels. If you can share with our support stuff some exmaple datasets we can investigate what the issue maybe.

Happy for someone to reach me on WhatsApp +61476234591


We don’t offer support through WhatsApp, I will reach out over email.