PIX4Dfields 2.2 now available! Magic tool - spot spraying made easy

PIX4Dfields 2.2 offers the Magic tool, an AI-assisted selection tool to quickly detect and select weed nests, damage, and other anomalies in orthomosaic and index layers (exportable as Shapefile, GeoJSON, KML and PDF report). Now, thanks to the new “Magic tool”, farmers can achieve major savings for crop care inputs like herbicides, fungicides and growth regulators with spot spraying applications.
Greensnap - Example

Video Tutorial: Magic tool | PIX4Dfields beginner tutorials

Are you ready to learn more about your fields? See the release in full: PIX4Dfields 2.2: the Magic tool - spot spraying made easy

For in-depth technical information read: Magic Tool in PIX4Dfields

New features

  • Magic tool: AI-assisted selection tool to quickly detect and select weed nests, damage, and other anomalies in orthomosaic and index layers (exportable as Shapefile, GeoJSON, KML and PDF report).


  • Support for DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise
  • Support for ACSL SOTEN
  • Support for Autel EVO II Pro V3
  • Support for XAG M500

If you want to test it out now:

  1. Get a free trial
  2. Download a Demo Project
  3. Let the magic begin!

Once the Magic tool is created for a specific purpose (flower detection for example), can we improve it by making annotations on other images or is it a one shot tool? Thanks.

The current implementation is a one-shot tool. That’s something we will investigate for later version of the feature. You can upload training data in step 5 of the tool, to help us get there faster :smiling_face:

Good afternoon Julius_Petri.

I have the pix4fildes 2.2 demo version, and I realized that the smallest cell phone size I can get is 30 meters in the magic tool. In Brazil we have a 0.35 meter cutting sprayer, does the magic tool get this cell size?

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Hey Arnaldosd,

the minimum cell size of the MagicTool grid is a function of the layer Ground-Sampling-Distance (GSD). The higher the GSD the smaller grids can be selected in the grid creation process. Here is an example:

Layer-GSD: 3cm per Pixel
MagicTool minimum grid pixels: 25x25

That results in a minimum cell size of 75cm x 75cm ( 25 pixels times 3cm per pixel = 75 cm).

So if you need a lower cell size for the MagicTool you need to fly lower, currently to increase the GSD.

We are working on a low resolution mode for the MagicTool, but this will probably not be released before End of Q1 2023.

Good afternoon Julius.

We tested the demo version, and it really is a great tool, I need some more information, the people in Brazil who make the representation, have little information. Is there anyone from the support team who speaks Portuguese, and who can we get in touch with?


Arnaldo Gomes


unfortunately, our Portuguese colleague is out of the office till the first week of January.
We could make it in English before that date.


Good afternoon in Brazil.

Could you help me? Which PIX4 programs to perform this job? In Brazil, in the region of Bahia, we have clients with farms ranging from 2,000 to 60,000 hectares of planted area. And to serve these large areas, we chose the EBEE EG RTK vant, with the SODA 3D camera. We are a concessionaire of the Jacto line, with sprayers cut in sections from nozzle to nozzle with spacing of 0.35 cm, we need pix4fildes to be able to make the grids with the minimum equivalent size. Work to be performed:

1st Survey of the areas, with polygon boundaries and altimetry points with a precision of 2.5 centimeters, for taking actions, soil loss and contour needs, making planting and spraying lines.

2nd extract soda 3d from the camera, RGB image with GSD 2.5 of weeds on dry straw, and make the grids for localized application, the magic tool would have to have the grid option of a minimum of 35x35 centimeters and a maximum of 70x70 centimeters. Can this same tool differentiate a narrow grass leaf in the middle of a broad soybean leaf? For spot application of green on green.

3rd process image for variable rate of product application via sprayer.
Cotton growth regulator:
Cotton Defoliation
soybean defoliation
Pest control