PIX4Dfields 2.4: Targeted Operations now available! Targeted spraying for precision agriculture

Exciting news!

We are excited to announce the release of PIX4Dfields 2.4 - Targeted Operations. This new version integrates our most powerful features, including rapid processing, vegetation index analyses, RTK field boundaries, and AI-based weed detection via the Magic Tool.

:seedling: Our latest update is designed to address precision application scenarios like spot spraying weeds or applying variable rate fertilization. With PIX4Dfields 2.4, you can turn high-definition drone imagery into prescription maps for spray drones, tractors, and field sprayers, all at the edge of your field!

:dart: The Targeted Operations feature allows you to combine orthomosaic and index layers, precise field boundaries, obstacle markers, and Magic Tool classifications to create fully customizable operations layers. This versatile workflow adapts to the specific needs of your equipment, supporting DJI and XAG spray drones, specific formats like Hardi GeoSelect, and a wide array of tractor terminals like the John Deere Green Star displays.

:link: Check out our latest video for a hands-on demonstration of the new features: Spot spraying prescription maps for DJI Agras, XAG and Tractors - YouTube

New Features

  1. Targeted Operations: Create highly customizable variable rate and spot spraying prescription maps for spray drones, tractors, and field sprayers. Start with an automatically generated map, adjust rates using painting tools, and then export in the format you need.


  1. Support for DJI M3T (RGB, wide).
  2. Support for MicaSense RedEdge-P dual
  3. Significant improvements in processing times for RGB datasets when using the accurate processing option.
  4. Improved performance of the Magic Tool with the help of user-submitted data.
  5. Showing 3 decimals for index values and standard deviation.

You can read more about the release in our blogpost, watch the youtube tutorial video or checkout the support pages.