Does a field need to be pre-mapped to use targeted applications?

Maybe a stupid question, so apologies in advance!

Am I right in thinking that a field does not need to already be mapped (as in, by a bloke on a quad-bike and a gps module) in order to use the targeted application maps that P4DF outputs?

I think I should be able to fly any field with a multispectral camera, process the tiff images through P4DF and the output shapefile will contain the necessary GPS data. So long as the Tractor/sprayer has a GPS module, it will spray/apply in the right area of the field?

Yes, this is the basic principle for creating a field boundary in PIX4Dfields. The field boundary can be explored out of PIX4Dfields and imported into your tractor terminal.

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Depending on how accurate you want to apply, a RTK enabled drone is helpful to get the most out of it. But for general VRA applications like Nitrogen, Fungicide, Growth Regulators normal GPS accuracy should be fine as long as the zones are big enough. You will have errors at the edges of the zones though, when you use non RTK maps.

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