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Beta macOS version of Pix4Dmapper 3.0

Communication February 2018

We regret to inform that as of today there are no on-going plans to release a new stable macOS version. Our product team keeps on revisiting priorities and we will post here any further update on the subject. The current 3.0 beta version is however available and can still be used.

Please note that this is a beta version and is not intended for production or professional usage. 

How to install the macOS version

  1. Download the Mac beta version from here.
  2. Go to Downloads folder and double click Pix4Dmapper_3.0.XX.dmg.
  3. Move the Pix4Dmapper icon to the Applications folder. Pix4Dmapper is now installed.
  4. If you are not the Administrator, authenticate adding the username and password of the Administrator.
  5. Eject “Pix4Dmapper” image.
  6. Launch Pix4D Desktop.
  7. A warning message will appear: “Pix4Dmapper is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?”. Select Open.
  8. Add your username and password. Pix4D Desktop will open.

Previous bug fixes

  • Software is crashing upon launch on late 2016 devices.
  • Detected available RAM is not correct and results in long processing time.
  • Software is crashing or it is not possible to log in/out.
  • Index calculator: Software crashed when creating or processing projects with images containing Airinov’s calibration target.

Known issues

  • The licensing system makes mandatory the use of the latest version for trial users. Workaround : to launch Pix4D Desktop, trial users have to send an email to so we provide a workaround.
  • Software crashes or project is not loaded when either right clicking on the .p4d file and click Open with > Pix4Dmapper or when double clicking on the p4d file or when drag and dropping the .p4d file. Workaround : To open the project, start Pix4D Desktop and in the menu bar, select Project > Open Project….
  • Downloading a project from the menu Project > Download Project Files… is not stable.
  • The software cannot automatically prevent the computer from entering sleep mode while processing.



What about the licenses?

Your existing paid licenses will work just as well on the beta macOS version; it will just count as another installation but you can float easily from one device to another. You can also use the beta Mac version with the free Discovery license.

What are the minimum hardware requirements?

You need Mac OS X 10.11 - El Capitan or 10.12 - Sierra to run Pix4D Desktop.

At this point, we no longer have the possibility of supporting and testing on Mac OS X 10.10. Upgrading from Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks and 10.10 Yosemite is free, and all Mac computers that can run these previous versions can also run El Capitan/Sierra. Upgrading is a fast, simple and safe process done through the Mac App Store and all the files that you have on your computer are preserved.

The beta version has been tested with the following Mac computers:

Pix4D Desktop should run on other macOS machines from this period, with similar specifications. We recommend the fastest i7 processors and at least 16GB RAM. We also plan to test the beta version on more macOS computers. Your feedback for compatibility issues with other Mac devices is more than welcome.

Is there any difference between macOS / Windows versions?

The main difference in the Mac version is the lack of NVIDIA CUDA, 3DPDF, and SGM algorithm support. We are also working on improving the display for Retina screens. In addition, the Map View does not have a satellite base map at the moment.

Another main difference is related to the integration with Pix4D Cloud because the software versions are not retro-compatible. Pix4D Cloud runs the latest version whereas the latest Pix4D Desktop version for Mac is 3.0. Therefore is fails when opening the .p4d file downloaded from the cloud or it fails to load the results generated on our servers. As a consequence, it is necessary to process the project locally to generate new results with the Mac version.

Is support provided for the beta macOS version?

The Mac version is in beta. Therefore, personal support is not provided. However, you can post your comments, suggestions or issues in this section of the forum.

Are the manual and knowledge base valid for the beta macOS version?

Apart from the installation of Pix4D Desktop, the lack of GPU processing, the 3D PDF limitation and the lack of SGM, the documentation of Pix4Dmapper is valid for the beta Mac version.

We hope that you will enjoy using the beta macOS version and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback.
For more information, please check the latest comments under this thread.

Pix4D Support Team


In attachment the screenshot of a project made by 3.0.13 OS X version (using the “double grid” option in Pix4d Capture for the purpose to have a 3D restitution of trees): the “satellite” option is still not possible and the “objects” buttons in the “create” section are “overlapped”.

In attachment a particular of the “create” section

Hello Antonio,

We are aware of some UI issues, including the Map View and the display of buttons and we are working on fixing them upgrading to Qt5. We hope that this improvement will be included in version 3.2.

Best regards,

Thanks for your attention. 

So far I work using the same version 3.0.13 in OS X and Windows 10: in a such a way I can work on both systems. Only one prayer: to switch from OS X to Windows 10 on the same computer (a Mac Pro late 2013) I need to logout from my account each time, but the computer is ever the same and I’m a “one charge license” owner. Sometimes happens that I don’t remember to logout and so I need to restart all things. Is there a different solution?

Waiting for an answer as soon as possible. Regards

I’ m still wanting for an answer.

kind regards.


Still waiting the working version for new MacBook Pro (Late 2016) … 

Me too!

Hello Antonio and  Ben,

We are working on releasing the official (no beta) OS X version within the next two months. We hope that the official version of OS X will be 3.2. 

@ Antonio: Regarding the log in/log out inconvenience, unfortunately there is not much we can do. Since the two systems have the same hardware specs, the same Mac address but different OS, they are recognized as different and you need to log out and log in again. 

Best regards,

Glad to hear it, I’m waiting for it since November 2015. A prayer, if I can, make a really different version for OS X which can use all the features of this system and also the capabilities of our Apple Mac pro (late 2013) with its 3,7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5 and AMD FirePro D300 2048 MB. Regards 


When will 3.1.18 be out on the Mac? Using the Mac in workflow to free up other computers, needs to be compatible. Only one crash so far while running multiple programs. Currently running, 4,000 image projects on a mac with 3 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5, 32 GB 1866 MHz DDR3 ECC, AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB. Do you have a date set for 3.2 yet?

Hi, will version 3.2 supports Sierra?

I am running Pix4d on Sierra and have not seen specific issues so far.

Yet, the AMD Radeon R9 M390 from my iMac is not recognised by Pix4D. Is this going to be resolved?



|   |   |

@Stephane Pix4Dmapper Pro 3.0.13 works fine with my Mac Pro (late 2013) 3.7 Ghz equipped with a 1TB SSD, 64 Gb of RAM and AMD D300 graphic card, but I hope it will work better with 3.2 not beta version. If you have trouble, I can suggest to use BootCamp and Win 10 Pro to ensure the latest Win 3.1.18 version. Regards


Hi.  I have a new MacBook Pro, running Sierra 10.12.2    2.9 GHz Intel Core i7.  MEM 16GB Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB    When will a Beta version of Pix4Dmapper be available so I can run it.  Not allowed to install Bootcamp/Windows on my work computer.  Thanks - Jim

The final version will be here in 1 - 2 months Jim, I’m waiting for it too. 

@James Miller: I’ve solved installing Win 10 Pro on my Mac Pro (late 2013), running Sierra 10.12.2, equipped with a 1Tb SSD.

@Bnejamin Cavallerio: how you you know this?


Hello, in the description on the top, you write that CUDA is not supported on Mac, it’s already true ?

Because i have 3 GPU GEFORCE TITAN X on a Mac Pro, and i’m interesting to try GPU processing with CUDA on my station.

Everything is installed and work, but i can’t find the function for GPU Processing in Pix4D Mapper.


@Sylvain Pedretti: sorry “CUDA” what does it mean?