Mac version of Pix4D?

Any update on when a mac version of your software will be available?

We’re also interested in a response to this question, as we’re using Pix4D in educational environments.

We are currently developing a Mac version of Pix4Dmapper but it will still take some time and it is very difficult to give an estimation time for its release. We hope to have it ready before the end of 2015 but we cannot guarantee it.
At the moment, Pix4Dmapper is only compatible with Windows: 7, 8, Server 2008 or Server 2012, 64 bits.
If you want to install Pix4Dmapper on a Mac, it is needed to use Boot Camp. Mac Systems using parallel are not supported, as they use a virtual Operating System and give problems with the display of the rayCloud and may fail processing.
For more information:

Hello all,

We are happy to announce the beta Mac version of Pix4Dmapper!

You can find step by step instructions together with some Frequently Asked Questions here:

We hope that you will enjoy using the beta Mac version and we are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

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Any update on when a mac version of your software will be available? Please help us!!

Hi Fabio,

As my colleague wrote above, we currently have a beta version for Mac.
Please use our forum post to report your feedback. It is also a good opportunity to share your experience with other users:

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