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Zenmuse P1 - Orientation Values

Very strange orientation values when importing P1 data into Pix4d Mapper?

Is this a import Geotag data miss match?

Hi @james.pick ,

We will have this camera calibrated in Pix4Dmapper very shortly. We will notify you here once it’s done.


Hi Beata,

Any news regarding the P1 calibration?

Thankyou in advance,

Hi Brian,

Thank you for following up. We are in an advanced stage of this camera calibration. However, it is not yet available in our database. We will inform you here once it is done.

Thank you for your patience.

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when to calibrate zenmuse p1 camera to pix4d ?

@Beata any news on the camera calibration database update for the P1 Camera?
Thanks in advance.

Hi everybody,

Our great apologies for keeping you waiting.

We are still working on this matter. As soon as we add this camera to our database, we will inform you here about it.

The processing should work fine for those users who have the Pix4Dmatic license.

Thank you for your patience

Any updates/timeline for incorporating the P1 into Mapper?


Please follow our Pix4Dmapper preview and technical release notes we should update it soon.

Thank you for your patience so far.


I just wanted you to know that yesterday we released a new Pix4Dmapper Preview 4.7.1 with DJI Zenmuse P1 support. Download the latest version.


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I know it is just the preview, but we downloaded the update to try with our Zenmuse P1 with no luck. The images are coming in uncalibrated. We are unable to get any data out of our flight.


Hi @eric.gonzalez,

In this case, please submit a request to Pix4D Support. Please don’t forget to attach the Quality Report. Thank you!


Hi, I have the same problem as @eric.gonzalez. I have tried different overlaps, speeds and flight height … and I have not been able to get a proper match. :worried:

Hi @aer,

Please try to follow the workflow described in this post: Reverse Caribrated Camera (Blue Line), Zenmuse P1. It should help you with your project.


Hi @beata, @eric.gonzalez (and @seiichi_takayama). DJI had already found the problem and are working on an optimization on the next firmware… we must have patience.


Hi @aer , Thank you your feedback.
I’m happy to hear that, I’m looking for this issue solved soon by DJI.

Hi all,

I just wanted you to know that yesterday we released a new Pix4Dmapper Preview 4.7.3 where DJI Zenmuse P1 camera orientation issue is fixed. Download the latest version .


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Dear @Nikoleta_Dimopoulou

Thank you your information.
I try PIX4Dmapper version 4.7.3, it works!

Best regards.

Dear Seiichi,

Thanks a lot for your reply!


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Helo @Nikoleta_Dimopoulou, @seiichi_takayama. @james.pick and all. It has also worked for me. I selected Geometrically Verified Matching (internal parameters All Prior), and the calibration was 98%.

Attached the report for Rapid (scale 0.125)

RDE - P1 - 1005_2021_report.pdf (1.9 MB)

Thank you all for your contributions

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