Zenmuse P1 images flipped

First mapping test with M300 and P1… what the hell?! Omega and kappa angles are flipped for some of the images. How? This is done with calibration method “accurate geolocation and orientation”. If I switch to “normal”, it’s all good. But those camera angles are just weird and this shouldn’t happen.

Hi Jan,
What version of PIX4Mapper are you using? Version 4.7.1 added full support for the P1 camera. Prior versions would read the exif data wrong and oftentimes flip the cameras.

Yeah I was running an older version. Upgraded and now it’s all good… thanks!

Im having same issue today with the new Mavic 3 Enterprise. Certain images are flipped. Is this perhaps because the M3E is not yet supported in Pix4mapper?

Hi Grant,
Would you be willing to share your dataset and quality report?

Alternatively, you can go to support.pix4d.com. At the bottom you can open a support ticket and we can take this to a private channel.

We are very interested to have this camera calibrated and fully supported in all of Pix4D’s products.

Hi Mike. I will share the dataset, no problem. I’m just finishing up with the processing and will then upload to the link you supplied.

dataset uploaded, just waiting on quality report to generate.

i cannot seem to be able to save the quality report as a pdf? The “pdf” icon is greyed out?

Hi Grant,
I processed your dataset on my end and did not have any issues. I believe you are using version 4.6.4 which did not support the P1 camera. These inverted cameras were fixed in a later release. If you can download version 4.8.2 you should not have any problems.

On a side note, I sent you a private message. Can you confirm that you received it?